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Our London bus fleet are our passion, originally introduced in 1956 and withdrawn from mainstream service in 2005.

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We have packages to suit all, whether it be a wedding, a party, prom night, day trip or a casual scenic excursion of London.

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With our corporate branding, transfer and exhibition packages, you can be sure of making an impression with

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London’s Leading Operator Of Vintage Routemaster Buses

The Routemaster London bus – is there anything more iconic?

Surely, it ranks up there with telephone boxes, black cabs and the Queen’s Guards as one of the most famous British figures.

They’re loved by everyone and are as popular now as they ever have been. They turn heads when they drive down the street; they put a smile on the faces of their passengers (young or old) and they leave lasting memories that are talked about for years.

RedRoutemaster operates through the streets of London, and have nine different buses – ranging in style and age. All beautifully restored to the highest possible original standard – no cheap modifications or “papering over the cracks” – they’re as close to the original buses that you’ll ever see.

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    • How Ironic – It’s National Old Stuff Day
      How Ironic – It’s National Old Stuff Day

      Today is National Old Stuff Day. What? You didn’t know that was a thing? Neither did we. But apparently (according to the internet) – it’s a day to be nostalgic; look through old photographs, talk about happy memories and appreciate the things of the past. It pretty much sounds like the office every day.

    • The Love Bus – Valentines Day Is Coming …

      On the 14th of February comes Valentines Day. Now, you’re probably on one side of the fence. 1) You either love it, buy lots of presents and spend a day eating chocolates and watching ‘The Notebook’ OR … 2) You hate it, think it’s just hot air and desperately try to avoid it. Well, regardless of

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