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London is known around the world for its red telephone kiosks, red post boxes, the London Underground, black cabs and, of course, the famous London red buses.


RedRoutemaster is a London based operator of the most famous red bus - the Routemaster, with its classic front engined-design. The Routemasters were originally introduced in 1956, and survived 50 years on the streets of London, finally being withdrawn from mainstream service in 2005.


Hire a London icon with, and add that magical touch to your Wedding, Civil Ceremony, Prom, Corporate Event or Party.

London Bus Hire

How often do you celebrate a big event in your life? Once a year? Once every five years? Whether you just enjoy celebrating life or you just happen to find yourself organising life changing events on a regular basis, you will most likely want to make it a memorable event.

Powerful imagery and different experiences are two of the strongest triggers for memory. And that is why, when we originally thought about the transportation services that we could provide to events planners and party goers, we picked one of the most iconic methods of travel in the world.

The famous red Routemaster of London

London is among the most iconic cities in the world, and home to a plethora of stand-out red symbols of public service; the red telephone booths, strikingly red post boxes and, most prominently, London’s iconic red Routemaster. After 50 years of operation, however, the beautiful rustic red of Routemaster services came to an end in 2005.

But as lovers of the memory inducing Routemaster, we simply couldn’t let it die a quiet death and we now operate Routemaster bus hire for those events that you can’t let slip by the wayside; now, rather than a boring trip to your destination, you can make a statement and turn up in Vintage bus hire in London.

Routemaster hire in London is the perfect way to get a party of people to and from a party without ever having to stop the party; you’re all still together and if just travelling on a bus with your friends and family isn’t enough, Routemaster bus hire also provides wedding and party packages, which means you can get involved in the spirit of the event from the second your on one of our busses.

Want to listen to some music? How about some disco lights? Want to show off that you’re getting married? How about customising the destination blinds at the front of the bus? Maybe you want to impress the public by branding Routemaster bus hire with corporate branding? Whatever effect you want to achieve we will help make your vintage bus hire in London a hit.

Red Bus Hire

We obviously specialise in the extraordinary transportation of large numbers of people to an event, but there is nothing to say how or why you should travel with our Routemaster bus hire; whether you are seeking to get the Bride’s family to a wedding on time or trying to arrange a quirky arrival for a stag or hen party, it doesn’t matter. We cater for all of your iconic travelling needs.

Whether you need wedding bus hire, birthday bus hire or vintage bus hire for a stylised corporate event, can help you hire a London icon.

Vintage Bus Hire In London

The best thing about getting vintage bus hire in London is that it isn’t simply memorable, but it’s also very practical; how were you going to get your 50+ guests to the venue? Taxis? That could have taken up to ten taxis. And whilst we’re sure that ten black cabs are perfectly capable of getting you to your destination, you will have to travel separately from the rest of the guests and one mode of transport is infinitely more environmentally friendly than ten or more cabs (and less striking!)

Why should you use us for Routemaster hire? We want to make you happy. That is our number one goal and by achieving that we are able to continue doing what we love. So the happier we make you, the better it is for us. Nothing is too much trouble – this is your event, this is your time to shine – let us help you make this one of the most memorable journeys of your life.


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