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Feeling confused? Got a question that you’d like to ask?

Well, here’s a selection of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I Choose Which Bus I Hire?

Yes, if you specify in the booking process, we will try our best to assign you a particular bus (if it’s available) – if you don’t specify, we’ll assign you the bus that we feel best meets your needs.

Can The Buses Go On The Motorway?

Yes, although our buses have a top speed of no more than 55mph – we can transport you and your guests on the Motorway.

If your journey requires a lot of motorway miles, we may recommend hiring a bus with a coach-style door.

Can I bring buggies and wheelchairs on the bus?

Sadly, Routemaster buses are not suitable for individuals who are wheelchair bound, as they have no safe boarding mechanism.

However, if an individual is able to walk on board the bus, we can safely carry one foldable wheelchair.

Likewise, we have capacity in our storage space for one foldable buggy. This can vary by vehicle type, and more items can be carried if all seats are not required on the bus – just mention this on the phone and we’ll advise to your needs

Can We Eat and Drink On The Bus?

The short answer is yes.

However, food and alcohol consumption must be agreed beforehand during booking. All drinks must be served in plastic glasses, and no glass is permitted on the bus, except Champagne, Prosecco & similar bottles.

We may also charge a cleaning security deposit of £95 per bus to be held against cleaning and damage to the vehicle.

This is fully refundable subject to the bus being returned in the state it was in at the start of the hire.

Can I change my route on the day?

While we try to be flexible, we cannot guarantee to accommodate changes made on the day.

Talk to your conductor at the earliest possible moment, and they should let you know if they are able to amend the plans.

Once the driver is driving, we cannot change the route, as it is not safe to distract the driver while driving. If you have a particular route you want to take or a stop you wish to make, let us know before the hire, and we can put it into your programme.

Can I extend my hire?

Again, you need to talk to the conductor as soon as possible.

Extensions will be subject to our over-hire charges, outlined in our terms and conditions. However, the driver may be unable to accommodate over-hire, so you cannot expect them to do so.

Speak to your driver at the earliest time or give us a call immediately to discuss.

Does my bus come with a conductor?

Yes, all bookings come with your very own conductor who will look after you and ensure that you enjoy your journey.