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About Us

Where Our Love For Routemaster’s Began …

“I remember being a kid, walking to the bus stop after school.

Oh, how I used to look forward to this part of the day.

There I stood, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bus.

Now, the reason I got so excited was nothing to do with getting home, or even finishing school.

It was because I adored the iconic London red Routemaster bus.

The way you hopped on the back, the tight spiral staircase, the big comfy chairs, the view from the upstairs seats and the friendliness of the conductor.

In fact, I had been a lover of the Routemaster bus since my parents took me on one when I was a kid.

I had posters on my walls, miniature models and I even had a Routemaster themed lunchbox – which as you can imagine, got some comments in school.

So, when I became of age and had to decide what to do with my life – it seemed that I only had one option.

I met the now Operations Manager, Darren Kidd and after quickly discovering that he was as obsessed with buses as I was … we made the leap to buy our first bus.

The rest is history.

Between Darren, the team and I, we operate nine red Routemaster buses around London.

Hiring them for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events and Proms … we even run day trips.

The reaction they get, the number of heads that they turn and the positive comments that they receive make it such an enjoyable experience for all involved.

If you would like to hire one of our beautiful buses and have a day to remember, then you can get your free no-obligation quote today.”

Adam Shailes
Managing Director,

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